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Krita 係一套自由、免費、開源嘅專業數碼繪畫軟件,由一班同時身為畫家嘅開發者們共同開發。呢班開發者希望可以創造一套任何人都負擔得到嘅繪畫工具。

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Art by Tyson Tan



Tools You Need To Grow as an Artist


Great for new and experienced artists. Here are some of the features that Krita offers:

  • Multiple brush types for different art styles
  • Layers, drawing assistants, stabilizers
  • Animation tools to transform your artwork
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Art by clooms

Resources and Materials

Expand Krita’s capabilities with online tools and assets:

  • Brushes, patterns, and vector libraries
  • Texture packs and page templates
  • Plugins that add new functionality
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Art by seaway

A supportive community

An online community for Krita artists to share artwork and tips with each other.

  • Share your artwork and get feedback to improve
  • Ask questions about using Krita or seeing if there is a bug
  • Give feedback to developers when new features and plugins are being created
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Free and Open Source

Krita is a public project licensed as GNU GPL, owned by its contributors. That's why Krita is Free and Open Source software, forever.

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Krita Sprint 2019 - Deventer, Netherlands

Give back

Krita is made by people from all around the world – many of which are volunteers. If you find Krita valuable and you want to see it improve, consider becoming part of the development fund.

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