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Krita is always welcoming new contributors! As Krita is a huge and ambitious project, there is always a lot more work than the small core team can handle. The Krita community is very open, welcoming and supportive. We are in particular looking for contributors with a good sense of initiative and commitment (so please don’t disappear without warning halfway through the job!). No resume needed!


If you need to contact anyone from Krita for ways to get involved, the three main communication channels are IRC, mailing lists, or the KDE forum. When using IRC, be prepared to wait for an answer. Even though IRC is a more real-time mode of communication than mailing lists, there may not be anyone available to answer your question immediately. In general, if you don’t receive a response on IRC in about an hour, it’s best to send an email. Find out more about each channel by clicking the appropriate link below.

Take a look at the different areas in this section depending on what you might like to help out with.