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New Development Builds
Try this out It’s been about a month since we last published new development builds… And a lot has happened in the meantime. Now, before everyone starts downloading, a warning: THIS BUILD IS REALLY EXPERIMENTAL And we mean it. Not only does this build include a month of Dmitry’s work, but we also merged in […]
Interview with Rose Morgan
Would you like to tell us about yourself? My name is Rose and I’m a 25 year old freelance artist from Melbourne, Ausfailia. I really like anatomy and medical science which is a theme among a lot of my work- or it’s at least inspired by it. I love videogames, nature, robots and old fashioned […]
Quick Update…
So… What’s been going on since our last update? Quite a lot! Boudewijn visited Latinoware 2014 and gave a presentation about free and libre graphics software, including Krita of course! You can download the slides here. It’s not yet known whether the presenations were recorded. Wolthera visited Facts, where she demoed Krita on a big […]
Another kickstarter feature done: cage transform
Yesterday, Dmitry finished another part of his work on the transform tool. He added cage tranform and improved the anti-aliasing. Only liquify is still on the transform tool todo list! Here’s the details: 1) Warp tool now has really much better quality and became a bit faster 2) Cage transform tool 3) Both Warp and […]
New Development Builds
After a hiatus — Siggraph 2014 first, then two weeks of vacation, We’ve got new builds for you! These builds have the following improvements: KICKSTARTER: Fix brush antialiasing OCIO: Implement an option to disable changing currently selected color when changing exposure/gamma X11: Fix a crash with newer evdev drivers OCIO: set black and white points […]
Interview with James Abell
Would you like to tell us something about yourself? I’m a designer/artist and tutor. I’ve worked with 3ds Max and related tools for about 14 years since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art many eons ago, in 1999! Recently, I’ve been running 3d graphics workshops and teaching online and making my own artworks. I’ve also […]
Krita At Siggraph 2014
For the first time, Krita has been present at Siggraph! Siggraph is the largest conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques and it has a big trade show as well as presentations, posters, book shops and animations. While Krita has been presented before at the Mobile World Congress, Siggraph really is where Krita belongs! On […]
The votes are in!
Every backer who pledged 25 euros or more had a chance to vote for their favorite feature — and the now the votes are in and have been tallied up! Here are the twelve features that Dmitry will be working on for Krita 2.9: However, we have one backer at the 750 euro level, and […]
After the Kickstarter…
Running a kickstarter is very much like, well, running! Running for thirty solid days. So the weekend after the Kickstarter ended, all of us slacked off a bit, and instead of coding we did some coding! Within a week or so, the Kickstarter should be finalized, the money in our bank account and we can […]
The Finish Line!
So this morning, with a last-minute upgrade we very, very nearly broke the 20,000 euro level and Krita’s first Kickstarter campaign ended! Thank you, everyone who has pledged for Krita’s development. Your support will help make Krita better and better! We also received 846,99 euro through paypal. While the campaign has ended, you can, of […]

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